Virtual Trade Show

Frequently Asked Questions

For More Information, Contact Cheryl Mudd at 248-449-9300, Ext. 675 or Judy Aspinall at Ext. 662

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What is the VTS?

The Virtual Trade Show is an online buying show. Each booth includes visual images of your product, along with special show pricing and product information. You can reach multiple buyers specific to your category.

How many items can I include in my booth?

You can include up to 15 products in your booth. These products should be your top selling items, new items and most importantly your hot buys. The buyers are always looking for great buys and it is strongly encouraged to have show specials and at least one HOT BUY in your Virtual booth.

What else can I include in my booth?

You can also include up to 5 additional file attachments. You can provide educational materials, power point presentations, category reviews, planograms, your media schedule, and your electronic catalogs.

What is the difference between your Spring Expo and your VTS?

Our VTS format allows you to deliver to multiple buyers simultaneously. At traditional trade shows you are limited to speaking with one buyer at a time. Through the virtual format, you can reach many buyers at the same time. Expenses are minimal - You incur no travel expenses.

Is there a way to track what retailers visited?

This exciting technology offers each supplier full electronic reporting of booth visitors with contact information and the opportunity to communicate your company’s marketing initiatives.

Is there any pre-show publicity?

As an exhibitor you will have the opportunity to participate in the CDMA pre-show mailing. This mailing is sent to all of the buyers attending the show, and can include samples, sell sheets, catalogs and details of your show specials. You will also be included in any materials intended to promote the show to the buyers.

Do you promote companies during the show?

Each day of the show a few select companies will be promoted. Companies who are highlighted typically have great HOT BUYS, extended payment terms, low shipping terms, unique items or new products.

Are there sponsorships available?

Both exclusive and co-sponsorships are available for all budget levels to give your company high profile exposure. The following options are:

  • Main Page - Top $1000 (1 sponsor)
  • Main Page - Bottom $500 (1 sponsor)
  • Category Page - Exclusive $500 (up to 2 sponsors*)
  • Category Page - Shared $250 (up to 2 sponsors*)
  • Buyer Gifts – Exclusive $500
  • Buyer Gifts – Shared $250
  • New Product Showcase – Exclusive $500
*Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I see an example of a Booth?

The booths all maintain the same look and feel, to help provide consistency for the buyers. Click Here to see an example of a Virtual Trade Show booth.

How do I register?

You can register online, by visiting You can pay either by credit card or by check.

What is the cost to exhibit?

The cost of a booth in the Virtual Trade Show is $1,500.00 for non-members and $1,000.00 for members. This includes your Virtual booth and participation in the preshow mailing and inclusion in the preshow and show publicity to the buyers.